Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Green with envy

Today I went to my local beauty supply and bought some polishes because polishing my nails always makes me happy. My husband and I got into a really big agrument that had me upset all day. So anyway this bottle stood out to me. When I applied the first coat I wasnt too thriled with the outcome. This color definitely needs about 3 coats. Im thinking about adding a fourth. This color would be great for St. Pat's day but can also be worn during the holiday. How do you guys like the color?

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey guys! How was everyone's thanksgiving holiday? I enjoyed it to the fullest. Best days off I've had in a while. While on facebook I came across a great sale from Solestruck. 50% of all sales items with the code FINALSALE50. Major sale! I grabbed a great looking shoe by Senso. The original price was $219.95 with a sale price of 134.95 with the coupon code applied that leave a final price of $67.47. You can't beat that. I can't wait to they arrive. Here is a picture of the shoe I ordered below. I hope you guys find some great shoes also.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Is Ready for Breaking Dawn?

I can't tell you guys enough how excited I am about Breaking Dawn part 1. If you guessed that I'm going to the midnight showing you guessed right. Some of the reviews suggest that its a bit over dramatic. That's a plus for me because I'm a bit of a drama queen and a hopeless romantic. I hope I'm not disappointed. Expectations are so high. Can 12:01am come already!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Bestfriend's Babyshower

I wanted to take sometime to share the photos from my bff's baby shower. I'm really proud of the turnout of her shower. Most showers have the same theme over and over but hers was pretty unique and awesome. The theme was more like a red carpet arrival of her little star being born Kai Marie.

There was a dress code for her closest friends and theme was to look your best and to dress up as if you were stepping out on a night on the town. I was pretty bummed that I didn't get any cake but the presentation was wonderful. The food also a plus. The back drop was also a creative idea. Check out some of the photos and maybe you will get your own ideas for a fun and creative baby shower.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rain Rain Don't ever go away

So if you know me personally you know that I love the rain. Its great cuddle weather. I'm a hopeless romantic. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. Since its raining out here in the Bay Area I thought I would search for some rain boots. I wore some suede boots the other day and the rain soaked straight thought. My search lead me to a great pair of rain boots from Burberry in a classic color Black. I usually see rain boots in bright crazy patterns which is not a problem for me. But I tend to lean towards classic styles. These boots would pair great with a trench. Check these boots out a Net-A-Porter.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purple shellac

Last week I got my nails shellaced. I adore this product. The only downside for me was the color had a pearl tone to it. I wasnt expecting that but it lasted about 3 weeks.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Heart Attack

So It's been so long since I posted. I feel like its been years but I've been so busy that I just couldn't keep up. I still want to continue to post every once in a while so I thought I would share my latest nail design.

I got this inspiration from a photo shared by all lacquered up from a blogger named nailartjunkie. View the post Here. I got pretty darn close. I changed the colors up a bit and used Shellac instead of regular nail polish.. I hope you enjoy then as much as I do! Thank you guys for the inspiration.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Photo Results

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone had a great father's day. My day was pretty long and stressful. Nothing was going right at all starting with our family photo. I decided to go with a purple muted polish on my nails. I wanted to post a picture but my hands got cut off from the photo. I used Planks a lot from O.P.I.'s Pirates collections. I'm totally pissed that you can't see my nails. At least we got this pose right because my husband was very impatient the whole time because my son wouldn't look at the camera. I mean he is only 3. What do you expect a 3 year old to do. Well I'm going to post it anyway hope you guys like the photo.

XOXO - Lexi

Friday, June 17, 2011

A little help!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. It's beautiful out here in sunny California. It was just last week or two weeks ago that it was raining. I've brought out the sandals to show off the well painted toes. Father's Day is this weekend and we have decided to take family portraits. We chose to wear purple and white as our theme. I found this great Ralph Lauren polo dress in purple. I wanted to ask my followers all 11 of them (lol) what color polish should I paint my nails? I was thinking yellow because the horse is yellow on my dress. I might even do plain white. I love white nails its one of my favorite looks. I'll post pictures of the final shoot maybe Sunday. Everyone enjoy their weekend.

xoxo - Lexi

Friday, June 10, 2011

Monoi Repairing Collection

Hey Guys,

I recently took out my weave that I had in for about 3 months. I only get a weave about once a year. The stress of the weave just doesn't agree with my hair at all. The tugging, pulling, tightness is very harsh on my hair. So you are probably wondering then why do I get it all. Well I try to give my hair a break from the flat-ironing that I do every two weeks. When I shampoo and conditioned my hair with my KeraCare products that I normally use my hair was horrible. So much hair came out. I could have easily filled a plastic bag with the amount of hair that came out. I'm not even sure I want a full sew-in anymore.

I've been doing a little research and reading reviews about the Monoi Repairing Collection from Carol's Daughter. I saw a feed on facebook about a 15% discount using promo code MONOI96. I thought this would be a perfect time to use a new product on my hair since its so stressed. I went on over to Carol's daughter website and found that there are sets already packaged together for the type of hair issues that you are having. I decided to get the Stronger, Smoother Frizz-Free Hair Set because it catered to people who use heat on their hair all the time. The prices is $54 but I searched for promo codes and got my set for a total of $44 and free-shipping. There are other sets too. I even love how she tells you how to use the products together. Normally you buy products and you wonder can I use this with that for example. Well she tells you step by step how to use it. I did reviews that people experienced drying out of the hair. Cross your fingers that it doesn't happen to me.

A friend of mine suggested that I try WEN instead because there was a study that Carol's Daughter products were a bit over priced for the quality. Maybe all the celebrity endorsements is what is making the prices so high. I have tried WEN before and loved it but I have been dying to try the Carol's Daughter collection. I should be receiving my shipment next week. I write another post on my results.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Checking In

I don't think I want to devote this blog just to fashion anymore. There is too much I love out there in the world. I'm not so organized so I will just post whatever I want here and there. I will still post polish, clothes, shoes and things of that sort but I will also post about my life. I want to start baking so I might even cupcakes!! Yummy. We will see where the blog takes me. Until my next post...

Lexi - xoxo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiring 2011 Hairstyles

Hi Guys,

I have been seeing some really great hairstyles this year and we are already four months into the year. I myself have been rocking the same style for about three months. I would say my style is more toward the sexy waves trend. Three months is a long time so I thought I would hit the Internet it look up some style ideas. I found this great post from Allure Magazine on 31 new hairstyles for 2011. I was really excited to see the flip on there. I remember wearing a flip in high school. I was also excited to see the accessorized updo because I never wear my hair up. I'm can't wait to try this one out. Some of these styles aren't so new but are making a comeback. Check out the pictures of my favorites from the post. What styles are your favorites?

accessorized updo
Accessorized Updo
modern flip hairdo
A Modern Flip

defined waves
Defined Waves

messy ponytail
A Messy Ponytail

Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Milk Leggings

Okay, I maybe a little old but I just discovered the brand Black Milk who creates that most interesting leggings out there. I have always loved leggings. It the go to piece whenever your feeling a little lazy and don't want to put much effort into your wardrobe. At least that is how I see it. Just throw on a pair of leggings and you're good to go.

The Black Milk brand of leggings takes you even further as far as legging designs. I recently discovered the leggings through a NastyGal posting on facebook. NastyGal had them priced at $80 for the leg bones design but if you go on the Black Milk website they are only $70. Overall the price is between $70-$80. Heading to the BM website led me to a number of other designs that are pretty classic. Would you dare to rock a pair? I think I could. Check out some of the ones that I picked as my favorite.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lovely Lemon Scrub

Good morning readers!

Blogger has finally came back to life. That was pretty sucky. I couldn't access my blog all day yesterday or this morning. I posted a post yesterday and now its gone. Its disappeared and not even in my draft..ugh!

With that said I wanted to share a great beauty tip that I found on LaurenConrad.com. I absolutley love her website. She has great tips and tricks. I really recommend everyone to sign up. She a very smart young lady. You just got to love her. So anyway I stumbled across her Kitchen Beautician post called DIY Lemon Scrub. Its basically a remedy to make your own scrub from ingredients in your own kitchen. Some of you probably already knew that but I usually have to go to the Spa and spend money because I'm very lazy and have no time to do things myself. I have pledge that I will try this at home remedies to save a little case in my pocket. Everything you need to make the scrub is listed below.

What you will need
  • 5 tablespoons sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 lemon
First mix the olive oil and sea salt together. Once the salt gets coated by the oil, the lemon won’t dissolve it! Next cut the lemon in half and squeeze over the salt + oil. Mix and mash. (Feel free to adjust the recipe to your liking.) Then scrub away!!

Now that was easy! Hope you guys will try it out. I know I will.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crackle Polish Deal from kgbdeals.com

Hey all my crackle polish lovers. I received an email from kgbdeals.com for 2 bottles of polish from Sassy Nails $12. The site says the value is $30 and that means the original price is $15. That is pretty expensive! I'm curious to try this brand. The formula is water-based and non toxic. That is a major plus for me. Just thought I would share to my followers. You only have 6 days to purchase.

XOXO - Lexi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lower Lashes Are In

So we all know that most women are wearing false eyelashes today. Everyday I see a woman in false lashes that end up looking like paint brushes. Usually those are the lashes that are put on from the nail shops and are individuals. I have even gotten a pair done and its not comfortable. I have always thought about why don't we ever add false lashes to our lower lid. My lower lid is completely bare with no lashes. I would love to focus on my lower lid.
I recently discovered a brand called Lash Royalty that carries lower lid lashes. I love their designs because the lashes appear very natural looking. They are a little expensive at $10-$15 a pop but you can use them over and over by cleaning them. The lashes really make your eyes pop! The next time you want to add some lashes to your lid try Lash Royalty.

My first attempt at scotch tape mani

Over the weekend I tried to do a scotch tape mani. Let's just say I suck at it. I have to practice, practice, practice. The only downfall about this sort of mani is that it takes so long to do. It's also really hard because my 3 year old son always seems to want to bother me while I'm painting my nails. He seemed like he really was trying to annoy me while working on this mani. Well I tried and I will just have to keep trying to get it perfect. Take a look!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Inspiration

I know I'm a little late posting my design for the royal wedding. I stayed up just to watch the fairy tale wedding. Kate looked wonderful in her wedding dress. There were so many flags waving that I got inspired to paint my nails the UK flag.

I'm so messy when it comes to designs and let's remember that I'm pretty new at this. I used a blue that I picked up from H&M and Stripe Rite polishes from Sally's. So I hope you guys like what I came up with. I attempted this twice.I think I did okay.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old School Pink Manicure

Hello All,

So I forgot that today is Pink Wednesday and was not prepared to post anything. My nails aren't even pink today. I'm actually wearing O.P.I. Black Shatter. I sincerely apologize for not having anything prepared. I do have a throw back from when I used to get gels. The picture I'm posting is a pink color gel with sparkles. I do love my gels but decided to get my nails a rest and just wear my own. This gel color is very pretty in person. I don't know who the brand is but I would like to share with you. Everyone enjoy your pink mani's today.

xoxo - Lexi

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haute Fringe Bags

I found these bags over at Instyle.com and thought they were so pretty. The fringe on the bag reminds me of grass and the colors are so on hit for summer. I could definitely use one of these bags. I also think of Hawaiian fun in the sun when I look at this bag. I shouldn't say bad its more of a clutch. Its the perfect item to add to your wardrobe for the summer.

You can pick one up at shopmarysol.com and if you enter the code INSTYLE20 you can receive a 20% discount. I love the words...DISCOUNT! The offer on the discount is from April 23 to May 18th. Price is $79 but $63.20 after the discount code used.

Joy Fringe Clutch
 Apple                                   Ocean                            Sunflower                        Mango

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its Time to Lolly on over to Pink Wednesdays

It's that time again. I actually look forward to Wednesdays just so I can paint my nails pink. I can't believe its been an entire week since my last post. Well I don't have many followers anyway kind just post for me I guess. (LOL). Anyway, my excitement for pink Wednesdays had me thinking about colors all night just the concept of it. I thought about the colors in my house. My whole house is drowning with the color teal and yellow. So that made me inspired to do a mani that brought out the colors in my house.While polishing my nails Lolly I turned to my stove and stared at my pot that is teal. See below.

I grabbed my Phoebe and proceeded to dot my nails but something was missing so I grabbed my favorite polish of all my polishes...China Glaze O.M.G. These colors are matte and I'm not a big fan of matte because I love shine. I left my nails matte for an hour and couldn't take it so I painted one hand with my SV topcoat. What do you guys think? Does the polish look better matte or with a top coat on top. I personally think matte is only pretty when its solid with no design. Well here it is hope you like it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Step Right Up! To Pink Wednesday!

As part of "OnWednesdaysWeWearPink" I decided to paint my nails a light pink from the O.P.I.'s Femme De Cirque. I never been a fan of the lighter shades of polish but my local beauty supply had a little case of the miniature polishes. I love the minnies because I tend not to use all my polish anyway. I just wish I filed my nails before putting these pictures up and my mother still has my camera. All I have to work with is my camera phone that takes really crappy pictures. This line of polishes actually makes me a fan of the soft shades because they are really pretty. The colors lets me change things up because I have been wearing very bright colors lately. Well hope you can enjoy!