Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lower Lashes Are In

So we all know that most women are wearing false eyelashes today. Everyday I see a woman in false lashes that end up looking like paint brushes. Usually those are the lashes that are put on from the nail shops and are individuals. I have even gotten a pair done and its not comfortable. I have always thought about why don't we ever add false lashes to our lower lid. My lower lid is completely bare with no lashes. I would love to focus on my lower lid.
I recently discovered a brand called Lash Royalty that carries lower lid lashes. I love their designs because the lashes appear very natural looking. They are a little expensive at $10-$15 a pop but you can use them over and over by cleaning them. The lashes really make your eyes pop! The next time you want to add some lashes to your lid try Lash Royalty.

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