Monday, January 31, 2011

Angela Simmons brings back her Louis Vuitton Shoes

Hey guys,
Angela Simmons creator of the Pastry shoe line was spotted over the weekend rocking some fab shoes from none other than Louis Vuitton. I love the shoes and think she paired them awesomely with a Dolce and Gabbana dress. Black and Gold what a great combo. I wish I could get my hands on these shoes!

But wait these shoes are actually throw back. The first time she made her public appearance in these shoes was back in 2008 with her sister Vanessa. Guess I won't be getting a pair anytime soon unless I find someone who is selling them on ebay or amazon right? Do you think that this is a fashion no no or should get a pass because the shoes are haute. Many celebs rock their clothing and shoes more than once but these shoes are from 3 years ago. Whatever the case I definitely think missed the mark the first time around and got right the second time. What do you guys thinks?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Zoya Polishes

I recently picked up a couple of polishes from the brand Zoya from their 2010 Fire and Ice collection thanks to a promotion on Facebook they were having. I decided to pick polishes that I normally would never wear which are from the glitter family. I'm not a big fan of the whole sparkle and glitter but since they were free I thought why not. Another thing that made me want polish from Zoya is because these polishes are  free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. These toxins have been linked to cancer and many other allergic reactions that are unsafe for people with asthma and that may be pregnant. Big plus...Some may say that Zoya is not creative when it comes to naming there polishes. Evey bottle is named after just a name. I think its a great idea your name could be the next nail color. I'm still waiting to see what color my name will be. I have found a Lexi but let's see if they will name on after my government name. Anyway please excuse the crappy pictures. I'm still learning how to take good pictures of my nails to capture the essence of the color. Its work in the making. 

The first color I polished my nails is called Valerie. I have seen many swatches of this color and its more dark purple than I see but then again this may be because of the lighting and my GREAT camera skills..right! There is a hint of gold that pops in the right light. I was surprised to see more polish than glitter which is a plus for me cause again not a fan of the glitters. On my nails more red appeared than purple but the color matched the bottle dead on.

This one has to be my favorite because my favorite color is blue. This color is called Crystal. I don't really enjoy the name but the color is wonderful. You can really see the gold popping out of this color. The color reminds me of Ice.

Overall, these colors are awesome they have a foil effect that looks really smooth with a metal finish. Iridescent tones shout out of this polish in the best light. Zoya has made me become a huge fan. Thumbs up to Zoya.

Friday, January 28, 2011

ACM Wallet for the Geek Sheek

Hello Lovelies...
I just came across a really cool invention. I really discovered this high tech wallet via my mother. This wallet holds 6 credit cards, receipts, business cards and has a clip for your cash. I'm not sure if I would want my cash to be hanging out on the clip but the idea of the wallet is really savvy. You even have the option to have it engraved. Check out the site. My mom has the pink one seen below. But there are many more options on the site.

Pink Hybrid 6 Card ACM® frontside & dock

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rihanna emerges with a new hairdo

Who comes to mind when you think of someone that is really good a reinventing themselves? Rihanna of course! I have been a fan of every hairdo that she has managed to pull off but I'm not too sure of her latest. Many people before her have pulled the all natural curly fro. One woman that has rocked this looked is Ms. Beyonce. No one has rocked it better than her in my opinion. Bey has had many version of this look. I think that Rihanna's version is a bit much because of the bright crimson red. Big and red is not it girl. I do love the look because it shows women that you don't have to straighten your hair all the time. Leave that relaxer alone and wear your natural hair (even though we know that when celebs rock this look it's not theirs). So will you be rocking your hair natural? Compare the photos and let me know who do you think rocks this look better?

rihanna curly hair singer

What does Wonder Woman have in common with M.A.C.?

If you are a M.A.C. lover you may be a little impressed with their new 2011 spring collection. The company has partnered with DC Comics to produce a limited edition cosmetics line featuring the beautiful Wonder Woman. If you are a Wonder Woman fan like me then you are happy to hear about this. I think that this is a great idea. This is definitely an idea of beauty and brains. The bright colors for spring go hand and hand. Another good thing you will notice is that the packaging will be oversized. I don't know about you but I really don't need the huge compact but for those who wear makeup everyday this is probably an added bonus for you.The price will range from $14 to $35 starting Feburary 10th thru April.

MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Makeup Collection

The products:
Defiance (Veluxe Pearl) – Iridescent white pink
Paradise Island (Satin) – Soft warm pink
Star Studded (Satin) – Mid-tone violet pink
Real Drama (Satin) – Dark burgundy with pink pearl

Lady Justice (Frost) – Bright silver with white pearl
Insurmountable (Veluxe Pearl) – Dirty blue-grey
Bold Babe (Frost) – Deep metal blue with white pearl
Deep Truth (Frost) – True dark blue

MAC, Wonder WomanValiant (Frost) – Light lime with yellow pearl
Spinning Transformation (Frost) – Deep olive bronze with yellow
pearl, and this shade-name is hilarious
Diana Undercover (Satin) – Dark forest green
Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl) – Pale frost white gold

PIGMENT $21 ($25 CDN)
Bright Fuchsia

Marine Ultra

Reflects Pearl – White glitter with a pearl sheen
Reflects Bronze – Sparkling rich gold

LIPSTICK $15.50 ($18.50 CDN)
Marquise d’ (Lustre) – Sandy cream peach
Russian Red (Matte) – Intense bluish-red
Spitfire (Satin) – Bright creamy magenta
Heroine (Frost) – Brown bronze

LIPGLASS $19.50 ($23.50 CDN)
Emancipation – Pale neutral pink
Wonder Woman – Bright red with soft pearl
Athena’s Kiss – Bright blue fuchsia
Secret Identity – Mid-tone copper with soft pearl

MAC, Wonder Woman, MSF, Mineralize SkinfinishPink Power – Peachy rose with pink shimmer + soft rosy bronze + soft shell pink with fine shimmer
Golden Lariat – True coral with fine gold shimmer + soft, suntanned bronze + soft gold with fine shimmer

POWDER BLUSH DUO $24 ($29 CDN) — I assume these are “super-sized”
Mighty Aphrodite (Satin/Frost) – Warm peach coral with gold pearl + bright coral pink with gold pearl (Satin/Frost). I’m pretty certain I need this.
Amazon Princess (Satin/Satin) – Bright yellow pink + deep blue pink with gold pearl

OPULASH $15 ($18 CDN)
Victorious – Purple
Army of Amazons – Green
Themyscira – Blue
Black – Black (permanent)

Rapidblack – True black

NAIL LACQUER $14 ($16.50 CDN)
Obey Me – True red
Spirit of Truth – Navy blue

LASHES $14 ($17 CDN)
48 Lash

Accessories Ladies!! Too bad there was no Tiara made.

Wonder Woman, MAC, brush setsWonder Woman, makeup bags, MAC



  • WONDER WOMAN UTILITY BELT + EYE BRUSH SET $49.50 ($59.50 CDN). Okay, it’s a gold fanny pack. But look! A brush set NOT confined to holiday! The brushes are the 194 (concealer brush), 213 (eyeshadow laydown brush), and 224 (blender brush).

  • WONDER WOMAN UTILITY BELT + FACE BRUSH SET $49.50 ($59.50 CDN). The brushes are the 190 (foundation brush), 109 (small dense face brush. You could use it for blush; you can actually also use it for liquid foundation. I’ve always wanted one of these, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing), and the 129 (my favorite blush brush).

  • WONDER WOMAN MIRROR $20 ($24 CDN); comes in a gold pouch

  • WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRT $25 ($30 CDN); small/medium/large
  • Monday, January 10, 2011

    Leather and Studs from Oh!j'

    This weekend I had a chance to show off one my friends creative design from her jewelry line. When she showed me her jewelry this pair instantly screamed at me. I paired the earrings with some leggings a black shirt and of course some platforms. I received compliments from everyone this weekend. These earrings are unique and shot out your creative fashion sense when you are wearing them. Now the draw back in my opinion is they are a little pricey for the quality. I purchase the earring for about 20 bucks which I didn't mind because I was helping out a friend and supporting her business but I say if you want more business the price needs to drop. Overall, I recommend a pair for all to see and wear. Check out the rest of the line at


    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Lady Gaga and Polaroid

    Wouldn't it be a great idea if you could take a picture without holding an actual camera. Wait there is! Yesterday Lady Gaga unveiled a very genius invention I must say. A pair of glasses...but these aren't any pair of glasses. These glasses can take pictures. This makes me wonder does it have flash? Can you take pictures at night? I'm anxious to know what the mega pixels are in the glasses. But who really cares! They are glasses from the creative mind of Lady Gaga and they are pretty stylish too. Will you be wearing a pair?

    H&M Urban Vibes Ad Campaign

    H&M is bringing in a really funky look that I love. This campaign is all about animal prints with ethnic influences. H&M has coined the look as Desert Rave because of its neutral colors in the collection. There are some great prints and solid pieces for both men and women.  The next time your in the store don't be afraid to take a chance a mix and match with the pieces of this collection. I had a chance to grab a pair of pants in beige in black. Pictures of the pants that I'm wearing tonight will be up soon. Enjoy!

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Bay Area Fashion School Tops the Charts

    How exciting is this! Being a native of the Bay Area and growing up in both San Francisco and Oakland it's pretty cool to see that California College of Arts made the list of the top fashion school in the world.The school ranked number 25. If you're thinking about entering the fashion world and live in the Bay you should definitely take a look at this school. I have provided more information below. The full list can be viewed at

    CCA: California College of the Arts
    -Programs: Fashion Design; Textiles; Jewelry Design
    -Number of Students: Undergrads: 1,640. Fashion students: 65
    -Tuition: $36,000
    -The Bottom Line: A CFDA-affiliated school, its students have won many industry awards and landed jobs with marquee-name labels and companies.

    San Francisco Campus

    Oakland Campus

    Quote of The Day

    "What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course."
    Marilyn Monroe

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Red vs. Brunette

    Khloe Kardashian showed up to the People's Choice Awards with a new hairdo. Personally I think she should stick to being a brunette. I love the Kardashian girls but this look is a thumbs down for Khole. The whole look takes away from her beauty. Usually I'm team redhead and I wish that I could pull it off. Khloe please fire who ever told you that this would be okay.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Is Suede Polish for you?

    Today I bought my first Seude polish from O.P.I. I thought I would start with my favorite color which is blue. I was so excited by the color in the bottle. I bought Russian Navy in Suede. I was a bit surprised by the result because I never used a flat color. If you are interested in flat then Suede is for you. There is a hint of glitter in the color which I really don't care for. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think. Is Suede for you?