Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its Time to Lolly on over to Pink Wednesdays

It's that time again. I actually look forward to Wednesdays just so I can paint my nails pink. I can't believe its been an entire week since my last post. Well I don't have many followers anyway kind just post for me I guess. (LOL). Anyway, my excitement for pink Wednesdays had me thinking about colors all night just the concept of it. I thought about the colors in my house. My whole house is drowning with the color teal and yellow. So that made me inspired to do a mani that brought out the colors in my house.While polishing my nails Lolly I turned to my stove and stared at my pot that is teal. See below.

I grabbed my Phoebe and proceeded to dot my nails but something was missing so I grabbed my favorite polish of all my polishes...China Glaze O.M.G. These colors are matte and I'm not a big fan of matte because I love shine. I left my nails matte for an hour and couldn't take it so I painted one hand with my SV topcoat. What do you guys think? Does the polish look better matte or with a top coat on top. I personally think matte is only pretty when its solid with no design. Well here it is hope you like it.

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