Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspiring 2011 Hairstyles

Hi Guys,

I have been seeing some really great hairstyles this year and we are already four months into the year. I myself have been rocking the same style for about three months. I would say my style is more toward the sexy waves trend. Three months is a long time so I thought I would hit the Internet it look up some style ideas. I found this great post from Allure Magazine on 31 new hairstyles for 2011. I was really excited to see the flip on there. I remember wearing a flip in high school. I was also excited to see the accessorized updo because I never wear my hair up. I'm can't wait to try this one out. Some of these styles aren't so new but are making a comeback. Check out the pictures of my favorites from the post. What styles are your favorites?

accessorized updo
Accessorized Updo
modern flip hairdo
A Modern Flip

defined waves
Defined Waves

messy ponytail
A Messy Ponytail

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