Friday, November 4, 2011

Rain Rain Don't ever go away

So if you know me personally you know that I love the rain. Its great cuddle weather. I'm a hopeless romantic. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. Since its raining out here in the Bay Area I thought I would search for some rain boots. I wore some suede boots the other day and the rain soaked straight thought. My search lead me to a great pair of rain boots from Burberry in a classic color Black. I usually see rain boots in bright crazy patterns which is not a problem for me. But I tend to lean towards classic styles. These boots would pair great with a trench. Check these boots out a Net-A-Porter.


  1. those boots are so chic!! ugh, I want a pair now :p
    Xox <3 An
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  2. Gosh I know. They are awesome right!