Thursday, April 7, 2011

All I See is Yellow

Okay, I have a huge obsession with yellow. I think this color will be my fav this summer. I'm attracted to you yellow. It's such a bright fun loving color. With that said. I painted my nails yellow this week. I used Sally Hensen's Xtreme Wear brand called "Mellow Yellow" number 27. Thanks to my mom I don't have my camera so my pictures are a little blurry due to the low quality of my camera phone. I wish you could see the polish the way I do in person. I have been receiving tons of compliments at work. As many as you know its hard to find a nice looking yellow. This color is creme and light. It goes on a little thick but that is how I usually put on my coats anyway so the color has more depth. I also noticed some streaking while applying. One to two nails also had bubbles which I'm not a big fan of. I started to pick at my nails if I see any bubbling. For the cost of the bottle I think I got my dollars worth.

xoxo - Lexi

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