Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charles Albert Jewerly

Can I just say that my taste are way above me. I discovered that this weekend when I when shopping with my aunt to help her find frames. Of course, I picked out the Juicy Couture frames and she fell in love with them but were over her budget. She asked me why did you have to always pick out the expensive stuff. Hey I don't try to I just pick out what I like. With that being said I fell in love with this cuff from the jewelry line from Charles Albert. His pieces are pretty prices. You won't see me wearing one anytime soon. Maybe I can get my hands on a ring.

The jewelry in this line is stellar and very unique. I have seen many pieces for example I was just in Costco and there was a booth selling gemstone jewelry but nothing compares to Charles Albert. These pieces are really a work of art..the creations are mind blowing. The jewelry is hand-made of the finest gems and silver in the world..I can believe it. Many pieces are worn by celebrities which also make the price of these items rise. Nevertheless I think the pricing scheme on these pieces are worth it. Could you see yourself rocking one of these fancy rocks?

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