Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tyra Banks launches new website

While browsing the Internet today I learned of a new website created by Tyra Banks. Tyra is like Wonder Woman. I'm surprised that she has not made the top 5 of Forbes because of all her accomplishments. Her new website is called Type F a fashion and beauty website. Its not like we don't already have tons of beauty websites but this one is pretty unique. I love how simplistic the website is. The site focuses on your individual beauty rather than what celebrity is wearing who. I love that about this site. There is a section called "Look of the Day" that features normal everyday girls. There is also a section of the page that shows you where you can find the pieces the girl from the look of the day is wearing. One aspect of the website I don't like is you seem to find a piece of Tyra one way or another on the website. I feel like she pastes her face whenever and where ever she can. Don't get me wrong I love Trya but I don't need to be reminded that the site was created by her empire. Otherwise, I love all the style advise on hair, makeup, beauty regimes, etc. There is a lot of content to browse and enjoy. Check it out. I definitely give this site a fashion thumbs up.

xoxo - Lexi

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