Friday, February 25, 2011

China Glaze OMG Holographic

I have been on the hunt for the GOSH holographic polish and I can't find it anywhere. I guess this polish was not released in the US. Since I was so bummed about not getting the polish I wanted I decided to go the nail shop today during my lunch to release my stress. I may be putting my deli ma on a little thick but everyone knows I'm a little dramatic. Let me start by saying my manicurist talked me into buying about six polishes from OPI's Texas collection which was not my intention.Major dent in the pockets today along with my mani.

Out of the blue my manicurist showed me a polish she thought I would like and behold it was China Glaze's OMG holo polish. I was very shocked. Although it wasn't what I was looking for. It did the trick and made my day a little brighter. Of course I bought it. My 7th polish of the day. The polish is pretty but doesn't seem as strong as the Gosh brand. She used a based coat when first applied and I just read that they are best applied without a base coat and top coat. The color seems to be really smooth and flat. It almost reminds me of matte polishes. Indoors the color is not as stunning and you can hardly see the holo in the polish but against bright lights or sun  the color really pops. Check them out.I think my nails came out pretty darn good.

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