Friday, January 28, 2011

ACM Wallet for the Geek Sheek

Hello Lovelies...
I just came across a really cool invention. I really discovered this high tech wallet via my mother. This wallet holds 6 credit cards, receipts, business cards and has a clip for your cash. I'm not sure if I would want my cash to be hanging out on the clip but the idea of the wallet is really savvy. You even have the option to have it engraved. Check out the site. My mom has the pink one seen below. But there are many more options on the site.

Pink Hybrid 6 Card ACM® frontside & dock


  1. I love this wallet cause I dont have to carry a huge hunkin wallet in my purse. I can just pop this out. It's great

  2. ACM.. (the wallet brand) did u see that Lae.. can stand for Alexis Chapple Minix

  3. I didn't notice the ACM could be the initial of my name. We were destined.